Apache Web Server Requirements

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The Apache HTTP server is an open source Web server application developed by the Apache Software Foundation. The server software is freely distributed, and the open source license means users can edit the underlying code to tweak performance and contribute to the future development of the program.

The main advantages of Apache and LAMP server systems are:

  • Lower costs, since there are no software licensing fees
  • Programming flexibility due to the open source
  • Enhanced security. Since Apache was developed for a non-Microsoft operating system, and the majority of malicious programs have traditionally been written to take advantage of vulnerabilities in Windows, Apache has always enjoyed a reputation as a more secure option than Microsoft's IIS.

Microsoft Internet Information Service

Microsoft's IIS is the second most popular Web server software. It consists of a series of services including File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) and others that enable a Windows machine to manage Web sites. The latest version also includes various modules for security, caching, logging, compression and diagnostics.

Because IIS is provided for Windows systems only, the choice to use IIS necessitates the choice of a Windows Server, and therefore increases running costs. Windows is also prone to more malware attacks, and has a reputation as a less secure server option. So why might you consider an Windows/IIS option over a LAMP system?

  • Windows and IIS are supported by Microsoft, whereas Apache is supported only by the user community
  • Media pack modules are available to enable audio and video content streaming


If cost is your primary consideration, the LAMP combination will work out cheaper as there are no licensing costs. Where security is concerned, Apache is widely acknowledged as the more secure option. If you want to run anything other than a Windows operating system on your servers, you not be able to run IIS. However, if you want to run a script that relies on ASPX, you will be tied to the IIS on Windows platform.

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