Git Server Requirements

Scaling Bitbucket Server - Atlassian Documentation

Unsupported Unix distributions and the installation guides for more information.

Non-Unix operating systems such as Windows and Rubinius but GitLab needs several Gems that have native extensions.


We recommend having at least 2GB of swap on your server, even if you currently have enough available RAM. Having swap will help reduce the chance of errors occurring if your available memory changes.

Notice: The 25 workers of Sidekiq will show up as separate processes in your process overview (such as top or htop) but they share the same RAM allocation since Sidekiq is a multithreaded application. Please see the section below about Unicorn workers for information about many you need of those.

GitLab Runner - especially when you plan to use shell executor with GitLab Runner.

We recommend using a separate machine for each GitLab Runner, if you plan to use the CI features.

Unicorn Workers .

Database for more information about this. Existing users using GitLab with MySQL/MariaDB are advised to migrate to PostgreSQL instead.

The server running the database should have at least 5-10 GB of storage available, though the exact requirements depend on the size of the GitLab installation (e.g. the number of users, projects, etc).

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