Online Servers for Small Business

5 Best Affordable Servers for Small Businesses

Cloud storage can improve small business owners' capability to access, share, and protect their company's data, particularly when they have a limited capacity—or desire—to manage on-site technology resources.

To be sure, moving data to the cloud brings its own set of concerns, ranging from security (vulnerability to breaches) to availability; i.e. will a service outage prevent you from getting to your data when you need it. Case in point: a recent disruption on Google Drive and other services. But the cost and convenience benefits of cloud storage are such that an increasing number of small businesses are taking the plunge.

There are almost as many services as clouds in the sky, but we've compiled a list of 10 of our favorites, focusing on business-centric offerings (in many cases, providers offer consumer-oriented versions at a lower cost—and with less storage and/or fewer features).

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