Server for Small Business

Windows Small Business Server 2008 Installation Guide

Let’s talk about small business statistics for a moment.

  • 61%. That is the number of businesses that are small. Just like you.
  • 41%. This is the number of small businesses who fail because they can’t adapt. These could be government/legislative changes, social changes or technological changes that inhibit their inability to effectively compete.
  • It’s not the starting a business that is the problem, it is growing it from infancy to adolescence that creates the problem. Most new businesses do not survive the first year.

Nobody sets up a business expecting to fail, but it’s not enough to be the best in your field. You need to be skilled at a multitude of things, from marketing to accounting to information technology.

It’s a daunting task. What makes it worse is that we ALL rely on technology to help make life easier. You are good at being a doctor, lawyer, carpenter, electrician, baker, builder, retail sales person or whatever your chosen profession is. You didn’t necessarily sign up to be an IT expert.

That is why the Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS) was such a popular product – it catered for what you needed in an easy to consume way, but also had the ability to grow with you. Unfortunately the product has gone end-of-life and the technological landscape has changed.

So too has the competitive landscape. You are now required to work in more locations, respond to more people at more times of the day, collaborate more effectively inside and outside of your company and make the most of the information that you generate and consume.

So does email in the cloud necessarily cut it as a transitional strategy?

Think about how you spend your days. Do you need the speed of a local server? Are you concerned about storing your working files in a cloud service – especially given some cloud services ask you to surrender your rights over the content stored on their service? How do you control confidential information? How do you ensure you have immediate access to your information, and those who don’t need it can’t access it? How about generating valuable insights out of the information you own?

Now think about how you might usually equip yourself to deal with the technology you need to run your business. Do you ask a friend? Do you ask someone in a retail store, who may have owned or worked in a small business before?

SBS was trusted because it was affordable, reliable and scalable. There is a reason many businesses and datacenters trust their businesses to the proven enterprise scale architecture that is offered by a Windows Server solution. Build on something that does the job properly now, delivering the ability to grow.

There are now bundles of products available that deliver what SBS delivered, with some amazing advancements:

  • Office 365 has thousands of new templates and tools for you to look professional and get things done quicker, and more cost effectively
  • The ability to collaborate in real time with your colleagues and customers in multiple documents
  • Control and access your data from anywhere – whether you are on a PC, phone or tablet. Even if you are using Windows PCs, Apple devices (including iPhones) or Google devices (Android and Chrome) – you have productivity everywhere

And on the server side there are benefits such as:

  • Reliable, scalable and efficient HP Enterprise server hardware
  • Know where your data is – at all times
  • Have the speed to back up your clients automatically
  • Automatically recover deleted files without having to go to a backup
  • Provision more users on email or Office, and run most of your line-of-business apps
  • Easily grow storage and scale your business without having to “jump ship” when you run into a limitation of a consumer-based offering
  • As you grow into a large enterprise, expand into larger database driven platforms embracing the cloud, enabling business intelligence and disaster recovery without having to throw it all out and start again

The available bundles even include migration services – so you can take your business to a hybrid environment with little effort. And the best news? They are comparable in price to those piecemeal solutions.

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