Tower Server for Small Business

Dell PowerEdge T110 ll E3-1240v2 Mini Tower Server for Small Business

We are in the process of upgrading our server. Currently, we have a poweredge T710. It still works well, but we have maxed out the storage capacity and want an upgraded system.

We are currently interested in the following two servers:

Rackmount: Poweredge r720xd

Tower: Poweredge t630

The server will be placed in a remote area of our small office location. Employees are working in that same area. Right now, the fan noise from the Tower Server we have is not bothersome. From what I gather, rackmounts are much noiser. What is our best option? Tower vs. Rack. Would we need a designated room for the rackmount and additional fans for cooling? Should we stick with the Tower? If we stick with the Tower, how could we incorporate the older server with the new server? In other words, using the new server as the master server, yet have access to the folders on the older server? We tried network file system on Ubuntu in the past, but there was too much lag time/freezing and a bottleneck when moving/copying files from one system directory to the next.

The system will store a lot of data, and we connect to it remotely using nomachine where multiple users (10-15) analyze data using software like matlab, R, etc.

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