LAMP System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements

iPad2 running iOS 8.1 or higher

Recommended System Requirements

iPad Mini running iOS 8.1 or higher

iPad 4 running iOS 8.1 or higher

Will my LAMP Words for Life™ vocabulary work in a PRC device?

iSharePRC offers a tool that will convert your personalized LAMP™ vocabulary from a PRC device to a format that can be used in the LAMP Words For Life™ app on the iPad. Currently, there is not a way to convert personalized vocabulary from the LAMP Words for Life app back to a format for a PRC device.

What funding is available for the LAMP app?

Funding for speech-generating devices, tablet computers and communication apps vary significantly by state. Very few states have Medicaid coverage for iPads at this time.

Can I try the app before I buy it?

The Center for AAC & Autism is developing a network of partners who have been trained in the LAMP approach and use of the LAMP Words™ for Life app. Click here for a list of places where you may be able to try the LAMP Words for Life app, borrow it from a lending library and/or get an assessment before you buy it. Please note that some of these organizations may charge a fee for their services and may not offer all of the previously mentioned services.

What is the difference between LAMP Words For Life and a PRC communication device?

A common question people ask is, “Why would I buy a communication device?” Here are the main reasons:

LAMP Words for Life on iPad App LAMP Vocabulary on PRC Communication Devices Portability Yes Yes Direct access Yes Yes Alternative access methods (i.e. scanning, auditory prompts, head pointing, eye-gaze) No Yes Computer keyboard and mouse emulation No Yes Direct interface with other programs for word processing and academics No Yes Medicaid funding Some states Yes Medicare funding No Yes Durable No

Commercially available protective casing required for most users

Yes Warranty for accidental damage

Available for additional fee through Apple and third party insurers


Included with purchase of device

Ability to limit access to games and videos

Coming with iOS 6 but a setting that can be turned off

Yes Infrared environmental controls No

(there are apps that communicate with a local IR unit through WiFi but the iPad must be near the IR unit limiting universal access)


My child has severe motor impairments. Can they use the LAMP app?

A student who is able to isolate a finger and accurately touch .5”×.5” keys may be a candidate for the LAMP app. If the child has motor impairments that prevent them from accessing a screen directly or needs to use switches or eye gaze to make selections, they may better benefit from a PRC communication device.

How will other apps affect my child’s use of his/her communication app?

Consumer tablet computers have a wide variety of functions and features. Some children may easily switch between email, web browsing and word processing applications and their communication software. Other children may prefer to engage in game play and watch videos on their tablet and react negatively to their communication software if they are being asked to discontinue fun activities. It may be helpful to disable video and game features.

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