Logstash Hardware Requirements

Log processing at Scale. ELK cluster at 25k events per second

Beats and Logstash make ingest awesome. Together, they provide a comprehensive solution that is scalable and resilient. What can you expect?

  • Horizontal scalability, high availability, and variable load handling
  • Message durability with at-least-once delivery guarantees
  • End-to-end secure transport with authentication and wire encryption

Beats run across thousands of edge host servers, collecting, tailing, and shipping logs to Logstash. Logstash serves as the centralized streaming engine for data unification and enrichment. The Beats input plugin exposes a secure, acknowledgement-based endpoint for Beats to send data to Logstash.

Enabling persistent queues is strongly recommended, and these architecture characteristics assume that they are enabled. We encourage you to review the Persistent Queues documentation for feature benefits and more details on resiliency.

Logstash is horizontally scalable and can form groups of nodes running the same pipeline. Logstash’s adaptive buffering capabilities will facilitate smooth streaming even through variable throughput loads. If the Logstash layer becomes an ingestion bottleneck, simply add more nodes to scale out. Here are a few general recommendations:

  • A minimum of two Logstash nodes are recommended for high availability.
  • It’s common to deploy just one Beats input per Logstash node, but multiple Beats inputs can also be deployed per Logstash node to expose independent endpoints for different data sources.

When using Filebeat or Winlogbeat for log collection within this ingest flow, at-least-once delivery is guaranteed. Both the communication protocols, from Filebeat or Winlogbeat to Logstash, and from Logstash to Elasticsearch, are synchronous and support acknowledgements. The other Beats don’t yet have support for acknowledgements.

Logstash persistent queues provide protection across node failures. For disk-level resiliency in Logstash, it’s important to ensure disk redundancy. For on-premise deployments, it’s recommended that you configure RAID. When running in the cloud or a containerized environment, it’s recommended that you use persistent disks with replication strategies that reflect your data SLAs.

Make sure queue.checkpoint.writes: 1 is set for at-least-once guarantees. For more details, see the persistent queue durability documentation.

Logstash will commonly extract fields with grok or dissect, augment geographical info, and can further enrich events with file, database, or Elasticsearch lookup datasets. Be aware that processing complexity can affect overall throughput and CPU utilization. Make sure to check out the other available filter plugins.

Enterprise-grade security is available across the entire delivery chain.

  • Wire encryption is recommended for both the transport from Beats to Logstash and from Logstash to Elasticsearch.
  • There’s a wealth of security options when communicating with Elasticsearch including basic authentication, TLS, PKI, LDAP, AD, and other custom realms. To enable Elasticsearch security, consult the X-Pack documentation.

When running Logstash 5.2 or greater, the Monitoring UI provides deep visibility into your deployment metrics, helping observe performance and alleviate bottlenecks as you scale. Monitoring is an X-Pack feature under the Basic License and is therefore free to use. To get started, consult the X-Pack Monitoring documentation.

Users may have other mechanisms of collecting logging data, and it’s easy to integrate and centralize them into the Elastic Stack. Let’s walk through a few scenarios:

The TCP, UDP, and HTTP protocols are common ways to feed data into Logstash. Logstash can expose endpoint listeners with the respective TCP, UDP, and HTTP input plugins. The data sources enumerated below are typically ingested through one of these three protocols.

The TCP protocol does not support application-level acknowledgements, so connectivity issues may result in data loss.

For high availability scenarios, a third-party hardware or software load balancer, like HAProxy, should be added to fan out traffic to a group of Logstash nodes.

Although Beats may already satisfy your data ingest use case, network and security datasets come in a variety of forms. Let’s touch on a few other ingestion points.

  • CEF - Logstash accepts and parses CEF data from systems like Arcsight SmartConnectors with the CEF codec. See this blog series for more details.

Existing syslog server technologies like rsyslog and syslog-ng generally send syslog over to Logstash TCP or UDP endpoints for extraction, processing, and persistence. If the data format conforms to RFC3164, it can be fed directly to the Logstash syslog input.

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