Tableau Requirements

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Tableau is such a tool that even if you don't belong to the IT development domain, still you could do efficient and splendid reporting based on your needs.

The basic knowledge of the following would be enough to get a good grip on tableau:
1. SQL : A basic knowledge of SQL would help in writing custom queries that won't be possible through to frag and drop functionality to achieve complex data set building.

2. DW concepts : Basic concepts of what are dimensions and facts would be enough to help you get a kickstart to tableau reporting. You may need not be a seasoned DW developer for that, but educating yourself online for that would be enough. The required knowledge can also be gained from the site of Tableau also.

3. Data Visualisation : Although not a compulsion, but some knowledge of data visualisation would help you get a better knowledge on which chart type should be used in what case. Say for example for a year over year sales comparison, you cannot use pie chart. Such knowledge can also be gained by practice and viewing a lot of visualisations on the tableau public gallery.

That is the simple reason that a lot of management graduated and professionals have added this as an additive in their skillsets. With a small learning curve tableau gives an impressive touch to your profile.

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