Tomcat Requirements

Auxiliary : Tomcat

You can install Tomcat and PostgreSQL on the same server or on separate servers.

The installation process installs supported versions of Oracle JRE and Apache ActiveMQ.

The installation process also installs the files required for the Apache Log4j service to audit Tomcat events.

You can use your own Tomcat installation program instead of the one provided in the Identity Manager installation kit. However, to use the Apache Log4j service with your version of Tomcat, ensure that you have the appropriate files installed. For more information, see Section 26.6, Using the Apache Log4j Service to Log Sign-on and Password Events. This requirement applies to using Tomcat for OSP, the identity applications, and Identity Reporting.

To have guaranteed delivery of email notifications with ActiveMQ, install MQServer.

The installation process sets the JRE location in the file, located by default in the /opt/netiq/idm/apps/tomcat/bin/ directory. When you install the identity applications and Identity Reporting on Tomcat, the process updates the JAVA_OPTs or CATALINA_OPTS entries in the file.

Do not run Tomcat as root. The installation process creates a user account for the Tomcat service, which should not be root.

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