Virtual Machine Hardware Requirements

The Virtual Machine cannot be moved to the destination computer

How you deploy your virtual machines can greatly influence Access Manager performance, especially if you run too many virtual machines on insufficient hardware. As a rough guideline, we recommend that you deploy only four Access Manager virtual machines on a single piece of hardware. When you start deploying more than four, the Access Manager components start competing with each other for same hardware resources at the same time. You can put as many other types of services as the machine can support, as long as they aren’t trying to use the same hardware resources as the Access Manager components.

The configured CPUs must match the hardware CPUs on the machine. Performance is drastically reduced if you allocate more virtual CPUs than actually exist on the machine.

Another potential bottleneck is IO. For best performance, each virtual machine should have its own hard disk, or you need a SAN that is capable of handling the IO traffic.

For example, if you have one 16-CPU machine, you get better performance when you configure the machine to have four Access Gateways with 4 assigned CPUs than you get when you configure the machine to have eight Access Gateways with 2 assigned CPUs. If the machines are dedicated to Access Manager components, you get better performance from two 8-CPU machines than you get from one 16-CPU machine.The setup really depends on your unique environment and finding the right hardware and virtualization configuration for your cluster.

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