Virtual Machine Requirements

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The following table lists the system requirements for different AlienVault USM Appliance virtual appliances.

USM Appliance Virtual Machine Requirements

Total Cores




Storage (TB)






Virtualization Environment

VMware ESXi 4., 5., 6.

Hyper-V v3.0+ (Windows Server 2008 SP2 and later)

Additional Steps If You Are Running VMware ESXi 4.

Even though VMware no longer supports ESXi 4., AlienVault continues to test running USM Appliance on ESXi 4. to make sure it works appropriately. If you are running VMware ESXi 4., there are some additional steps you must perform.

Turning Off Hyper-Threading

In VMware vSphere Clients, hyper-threading is enabled by default. This is not a concern for ESXi 5. or 6. hosts. But for ESXi 4., because their maximum number of virtual processors per virtual machine is 8 (see VMware's Configuration Maximums supported by vSphere 4.1 in PDF format for details), you must disable hyper-threading to ensure CPU performance. For instructions on how to turn hyper-threading off, see VMware's documentation.

Possible File Size Issues with VMFS-3 Datastores

VMware ESXi 5. and 6. support VMFS-5 datastores allowing maximum virtual disk sizes close to 2 TB. This satisfies the USM Appliance storage requirement so you don't need to make any adjustment. We recommend using a VMFS-5 datastore where this is available.

A VMware ESXi datastore based on VMFS-3 will not support the USM Appliance disk files unless the datastore was created with a block size of 8MB. By default VMFS-3 datastores have a block size of 1MB, limiting the maximum file size to 256GB. To deploy USM Appliance on an ESX 4. system, we recommend using a VMFS-3 datastore with a block size of 8MB. It may be necessary to create a new datastore with a block size of 8MB if none already exists. For more information on this, see the VMware KB article Increasing the block size of local VMFS storage in ESX 4. during installation.

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