VMware ESXi Hardware Requirements

Installing NetScaler MAS on VMWare ESXi

This section describes SBC Edge hardware and software requirements and recommendations for SBC SWe Lite installations using VMware ESXi.

The recommended hardware and software settings are intended to ensure optimum SBC Edge stability and performance. If the recommended settings are not used, SBC Edge system may not behave as expected.

Server Hardware Requirements

Table : Hardware Requirements

Configuration Requirement
Processor 2nd Generation Intel Core or Intel Xeon Processor (Sandy bridge or later)
Host OS ESXi 5.5 or above
Architecture 64-bit Intel processor
RAM RAM requirements are dependent upon the number of VMs hosted, the memory assigned to each VM instance, and the relative overhead memory associated with each.
Datastore Hard disk requirements are dependent upon the number of VMs hosted, the size of each VM at full size, and whether snapshots will be enabled.

Platforms using AMD processors are not supported.

VMware ESXi

Customized ESXi images for various server platforms are available on VMware and Hardware platform vendor sites.

  • It ensures that all the required drivers for network and storage controllers are available to run ESXi server.
  • Most of the customized ESXi images comes with customized management software to manage server running ESXi software.
  • Customized ESXi images for HP ProLiant and IBM servers are available at:

For more information, please visit the

General Recommendations

  • Plan enough resources (RAM, CPU, NIC ports, hard disk, etc.) for all the virtual machines (VMs) to run platform, including resources needed by ESXi itself.
  • Allocate each VM with only as much virtual hardware as that VM requires. Provisioning a VM with more resources than it requires can, in some cases, reduce the performance of that VM as well as other virtual machines sharing the same host.
  • Disconnect or disable any physical hardware devices that you will not be using (floppy drives, network interfaces, storage controllers, optical drives, USB controllers, etc.) under BIOS settings to free up interrupt/CPU resources.

Table : VM Configuration Recommendations

Setting Minimum
1 GiB

(Up to 3 may be disabled, if only a single vNIC is required for media. Note: One vNIC is mandatory for management)

Virtual Hard Disk 5 GiB

Additional Information

  • The SBC SWeLite VM does not currently support allocation of more than one vCPU.
  • With minimum RAM allocation, the maximum SIP endpoint registrars is 1000, and the maximum number of SBC SWe Lite Virtual Machine is 30MB.
  • Minimal networking configuration requires the Management Network Interface and at least one Media Interface to be assigned.
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