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In addition to monitoring the database server, the Database Agent can also monitor the hardware that hosts the database server. To configure the Database Agent to monitor the database server hardware, complete the Hardware Monitoring section of the Collector configuration dialog.

Click Databases > Configuration > Collectors and then choose an existing collector to monitor the hardware for that database server and click Edit, or click Add to setup a new collector to monitor a different database server and the hardware hosting that server.

The following describes the fields in the Collector Configuration dialog that you must complete if you want to monitor the database server host hardware, in addition to the database server.

Monitor Operating System: Select if you want CPU consumption metrics collected from the monitored host.

Operating System: Specify the operating system of the monitored host: Windows, Linux, Solaris, or AIX.

Use Local WMI: Check this box if you want to monitor the machine the Database agent is running on, i.e. localhost. When selected, the authorization fields are not used because no authorization is required.

Domain: For Windows only, specify the the name of the domain in which the hardware resides.

SSH Port: For Linux, AIX, and Solaris only, specify the Secure Shell (SSH) port number the Controller should use for encrypted communications with the monitored host. The default port number of 22 will be used if you do not specify a different port number here.

Use certificate: For Linux, AIX, and Solaris only, AppDynamics also supports certificate-based authentication via Privacy Enhanced Mail (PEM). To implement certificate-based authentication, enable the Use certificate option and copy the PEM file to the \keys directory. Note, if the $HOME/.ssh directory exists, the agent will use the certificate found there. This option appears only if the agent is running on a machine running Linux, AIX or Solaris.

Username: Specify the name of the user the Database Agent uses to log on to the monitored host. To collect OS metrics from a Windows host, the configured user (or Collector Service user if using Windows Authentication) must be able to establish a WMI connection to the target host and collect Windows Performance Counters.

Password: Specify the password of the user the Database Agent uses to log on to the monitored host. The number of echo characters shown in the password text field should not be interpreted to imply the number of characters stored for the (encrypted) user password.

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