File Server Hardware Requirement

File Server Builder s Guide

Typical Requirements for Small and Medium Business:

Software Support from iXsystems can only be obtained by using TrueNAS

  • One to four Enterprise-class 64-bit multicore processors.
  • Two mirrored 16 GB Boot Drives (USB or SATA DOM recommended)
  • 32GB ECC RAM Minimum (1GB per TB of storage is a good rule of thumb but might need to be adjusted depending on workload/application)
  • At least 4 direct attached disks (Hardware RAID strongly discouraged. It reduces the data protection and recovery features of FreeNAS considerably.)
  • If necessary to add disks above what the motherboard supports, do not use RAID cards. Host Bus Adapters (HBAs) are recommended instead to give FreeNAS/ZFS direct access to the individual drives. LSI HBAs are the best choice with FreeNAS.
  • Enterprise quality SATA/SAS hard drives are recommended.
  • High-endurance Flash/SSD-based write log device (ZIL) for synchronous writes only (Flash/SSDs with “Power Loss Protection” recommended). Two devices mirrored if uninterrupted performance is critical.
  • High-performance SSDs for read acceleration if the most-requested data doesn’t fit in RAM and the random read load is high.
  • At least two physical network ports. Intel recommended for 1GbE. Chelsio recommended for 10GbE.
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