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The following Management Information Base (MIB) files are also included as part of Management Agents:

This MIB describes the state of sensors and alarms on your servers and provides the following information:

This MIB describes a set of traps for hardware events that can be generated by an Oracle server and provides the following information:

Oracle Server CLI Tools provides cross platform command line tools that enable powerful and flexible hardware configuration and update capabilities. All Oracle Server CLI Tools use a common syntax and many are capable of loading and backing up configurations into easy-to-use XML-based configuration files, making the tools ideal for use in provisioning systems. The following CLI tools are provided:

ILOMconfig - enables you to configure Oracle ILOM and can be automated using an XML configuration file. You can also configure Host-to-ILOM Interconnect settings.

UBIOSconfig - enables you to configure your server's UEFI BIOS, found on the latest Oracle servers.

FWupdate - enables you to upgrade the firmware of your server components.

RAIDconfig - enables you to configure RAID volumes on your servers and can be automated using an XML configuration file.

HWmgmtcli - enables you to view hardware configuration information and the status of your Oracle servers.

BIOSconfig - enables you to configure your server's BIOS settings, found on the previous generation of servers.

NVMeadm - enables you to configure and obtain information about NVMe storage devices installed in your server.

ITPconfig - enables you to configure a trap proxy to send traps from Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM) over the internal Host-to-ILOM Interconnect and forward the traps to a configurable destination.

Linux FMA - Fault Management Architecture software that enables you to manage server faults from the host Linux OS in much the same way you manage faults in the Oracle ILOM fault management shell. In addition, CPU and memory faults processed by the Oracle Linux mcelog are included in a common fault management database. As a result, Linux FMA provides a similar set of fault management commands to view and act on faults whether from the host OS or Oracle ILOM.

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