Plex Media Server Hardware Recommendations

Plex partners with Amazon to launch a hardware-free media server

I am currently running Plex on a Dell PowerEdge 2950 under CentOS 7. The PE has 2 quad core Xeon procs and 32gb of RAM. I am planning on changing my network around to a Windows domain (I am studying for the A+ and Network+ exams). My question is, what is better for Plex, performance wise? GPU or CPU?

The reason I have this question is I have a spare PC that I am trying to decide what to do with in the new network. The options are a stand alone domain controller, leaving Plex on the PowerEdge, or putting Windows Server on the PowerEdge to take advantage of Hyper-V (the preferred option). If I go that route, would Plex be more comfortable on a stand-alone PC with 8gb of RAM, a 6 core AMD FX proc, and a Radeon HD6800 GPU, or as a VM in Hyper-V. If we go the VM route, what are the recommended specs for the VM?

I imagine CPU and RAM are more important for Plex, or does PMS utilize GPU if available for transcoding? At any one time, I could have 5 people watching Plex at the same time in the house. Any input from the community would be great. Thanks!

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