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The Biggest Challenge in Monitoring Server Hardware: Too Many Tools

One of the biggest challenges in monitoring server hardware is heterogeneity. IT infrastructures typically comprise of equipment from multiple manufacturers. Each manufacturer provides their own solution for monitoring and managing their server hardware. As a result, troubleshooting can be complex and time-consuming, precisely when speed is truly of the essence.

In a multi-vendor environment, IT administrators need a single integrated console from where they can monitor the heterogeneous server hardware components that they are responsible for. Administrators require automatic correlation between the performance of the server hardware and the user view of the IT services that use the server hardware, so that problems can be identified as being caused by the server hardware or by the software.

Server Hardware Monitoring by eG Enterprise

eG Enterprise offers integrated monitoring of multi-vendor server hardware from a central console. Monitoring of IBM, HP, Sun Microsystems and Dell server hardware is supported, irrespective of the operating system used (Windows, Linux, HPUX, Solaris, or AIX). Monitoring of servers running Windows, Linux, HPUX is done using SNMP. eG agents integrate with IBM Director agents, HP Insight agents, and Dell OpenManage agents for this purpose.eG Enterprise root-cause diagnosis analyzes report For Solaris and AIX native OS hooks and commands are used to collect server hardware status information.

While agent-based monitoring is required for monitoring Sun Solaris server hardware, Compaq/HP, Dell, and IBM servers are managed using SNMP. Hardware monitoring for these servers can also be done in an agentless manner (i.e., without installing eG agents on the servers being managed). The server hardware metrics collected by eG agents include the status of processors, memory banks, fans, temperature, voltage, and power supply terminals.

All of these metrics are integrated into specialized application models for over 150 applications, servers, and devices that eG Enterprise includes. A patented root-cause diagnosis engine continuously analyzes the metrics to identify if there are any bottlenecks in the system, and where they are: the network, the operating system, the application, or the server hardware.

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