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For instance, that old Pentium computer I had that ran my Counterstrike server (once upon a day) was physically a server but also functionally a server.

For physical hardware, companies like Dell, and HP have been in the enterprise server business for many years now. They sell hardware that is purposefully built to handle large parallel connections and data transfers. A run-of-the-mill tower computer just can’t compete with anything like that. Another example of purpose built hardware would be something that comes out of the efforts at .These purpose built servers are designed for and used in huge data centers for the likes of Facebook, etc.

On the other hand, Amazon AWS exists becuase engineers do not want to deal with the maintenance and the required attention to ensuring a server is up 24/7. In this case, you can run server softare, most popular would be a web server or an API on these abstracted services. Another example would be using a service such as Heroku

Another example, is I can run a web server off my Macbook and have people connect to it to view a webpage. It recieves web commands just like any other server on the internet and sends back the appropriate HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

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