Inside of a Server

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A server is nothing more than a typical computer built to perform better under specific conditions (utilization, environment, performance, reliability, etc) than a typical computer. Typically they have specialized hardware to help accomplish this.

A server rack is a container; it has rails on the four vertical corners to which equipment can be attached. They have common mounting patterns, vertically delineated as Rack Units (1U each). A rackmount server can be installed in one or more of these spaces (some servers take up more than 1U, some less, it depends on the server). Shelves can also be installed to support non-rackmount server.

A blade chassis can be installed in a rack as well. Blade servers are then installed into the blade chassis. Blade servers typically hold more specialized servers. The blade enclosure abstracts certain common hardware from the server and certain external features. Usually this includes power conversion, data buses, internetworking buses, and some management functions.

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