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How to build Microsoft Scale-Out File Server without SAS JBODs

Your job isn't done once you determine how many servers you'll need for your environment. Next up, you have to figure out the size of each server, including how much memory and CPU resources each host should contain. Continue Reading

It might seem like more is better when figuring out resources for a virtual machine, but too many resources can cause hardware issues. Overprovisioning VMs can prevent slow performance, but it could have a negative long-term affect. Continue Reading

Contrary to overprovisioning, proper resource utilization can optimize performance. Not only will you get strong performance from provisioning the right amount of resources, you could maximize efficiency and savings as well. Continue Reading

Although swap files can enable features such as memory overcommit, companies are finding out that large swap files are wasting expensive storage space. Solid-state drives are mostly measured in gigabytes instead of terabytes, which makes it critical to use that space efficiently. Continue Reading

How to prepare and respond to failure

Unfortunately, failure is inevitable. But just because it's going to happen doesn't mean you can't be prepared for it and ready to recover. Whether it be an actual natural disaster or something smaller like a power outage, it's important for enterprises to be ready. Not everyone uses the same approach to disaster recovery, so it's important to establish a plan that fits your environment and company.

N+1 redundancy is a formula to express that every component - including servers, hard disks, power supplies, switches routers and cooling units - should have an independent backup that can take over in the event of a failure. Continue Reading

N+1 redundancy says each component should have an independent backup, but that approach to data center resiliency may not be the best choice for maintaining availability and reducing hardware waste. More organizations are starting to consider the more complex N+X+Y formula. Continue Reading

One of the most basic recovery methods is doing simple backups frequently before a disaster strikes. But sometimes those backups aren't enough. Software-based VM replication is a popular method now, but your choice should depend on your situation. Continue Reading

With everything else going on, it can be easy to overlook something as simple as power. If the power goes out, you need to have a plan in place, like a generator. A step to take to prevent such an issue is to reduce power consumption to improve the odds that your most critical VMs will remain online. Continue Reading

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Designing a private cloud is a logical next step

Sometimes virtualization isn't enough and enterprises elect to explore private clouds. One big advantage of private cloud is automation. Automated provisioning tools allow enterprises to choose the number and types of resources needed and then create those virtual resources to make them available for use. However, a private cloud may not bring financial advantages and isn't the right choice for every organization.

Building a private cloud is not an easy process, and it doesn't get any easier because of issues between IT and business management. Getting IT to work in harmony with the business side of things is a key step in making a private cloud possible. Continue Reading

When you are looking for a cloud provider, budget is obviously something enterprises have to consider. Open source cloud offerings can be a fit for those who have a tight budget. Eucalyptus is a low-cost, open source and inexpensive private cloud option to consider. Continue Reading

Enterprises considering the move from virtualization to cloud computing have to be prepared for the difficult task ahead. Planning ahead for cost-effective capacity and implementing chargeback are just two tips to know before the switch. Continue Reading

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